Bhumika Women’s Collective is coordinating an initiative called “Support Centres for Women” as a support mechanism for survivors of violence.
The centres are run by various NGO partners with support of Oxfam India with Bhumika as a state level
coordinator that takes up various issues of the centres with the State Women and Child Welfare Department and Home Department. These support centres are established in the Women Police Stations at the respective places. We prepare a quarterly report of the Support Centres and share with the DGP office. Bhumika Women's Collective has been given the responsibility of functioning the Support Centre for Women at Women Protection Cell, CID office, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad from 12th April, 2013. In this context, let us give a brief note on Support Centre for Women.

There are totally 5 Support Centres in Women Police Stations all over Andhra Pradesh located at 1. Women Protection Cell, CID office, Hyderabad (Bhumika Women's Collective), 2. CCS, Basheerbagh (SWARD), Hyderabad, 3. Anantapur (APPS), 4. Warangal (Sarvodaya Youth Organisation) & 5. Karimnagar (Krushi organisation). In this context, let us give a brief note on Support Centre for Women. Approach to Support Centres The Support Centres are aimed at providing a multi-pronged support required for survivors and complainants of violence, to prevent and counter crime against women and engage with the youth, families and communities on the issue of Violence against Women.

Role and Functions of Support Centre for Women • Provide emotional support and strengthen the psychological self of the violated women.
• Negotiate for non violence with perpetrators of violence and others
• Work towards building support systems for women
• Engaging Police help in the interest of the women
• Providing legal aid
• Arranging shelter for the women through referrals to short stay homes, institutions, hostels, etc.
• Working with men in the interest of the violated women
• Work towards helping women to rebuild her economic assets such as streedhan
• Engaging with the youth, educational institutions and communities to generate awareness about violence against women
• Engage in development counseling with the violated women especially past crisis period

There are 2 Social Workers at the Support Centres who deals with the survivors directly. There is also a provision of making a call the respondent (the husband or in-laws of the survivor) and conduct counseling according the wish of the survivor. We are also planning to provide Legal Aid on every Saturday, by the Panel Advocates of Bhumika Helpline who will be attending the Centre and giving legal advices to the survivors in all the aspects related to violence against women.

Address of Support Centre:

1. Support Centre for Women (Bhumika Women’s Collective)
Women Protection Cell
1st Floor, CID Office
Near Mahavir Hospital
Phone: 9059693448

2. Support Centre for Women (SWARD)
CCS, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 - 23236631

3. Support Centre for Women (APPS)
Women Police Station,
Opposite to District Court,
Court Road, Anantapur
Mobile: 7702889331

4. Support Centre for Women (SYO)
Women Police Station, Hanamkonda
Mobile: 9963334165

5. Support Centre for Women
Women Police Station, Karimnagar
Mobile: 9550836103

Support Center

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