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 Tollfree Helpline 1800 425 2908 

for Women in Distress



 Bhumika Women’s Collective was started in the year 1994 with a cause to help the distressed and vulnerable woman with one of the objective is to provide legal assistance to the women in distress. In the year 2006 we have started Bhumika Helpline with a toll free number 1800 425 2908 inaugurated by the then DCP of Hyderabad Ms. Soumya Misra.

 Helpline has been started with a belief that, women can overcome their agonies provided space and help.

√  Bhumika helpline values

  • Listening to the women's problems
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Having non-judgmental attitude and be empathetic

√  Bhumika helpline is a professionally managed tele-helpline for women which is managed by three Counselors

√  The Helpline runs from 8:00 am – 11:00 pm and till now we have received more than 50,000 calls from all over India and from few other countries

 On an average we receive 10 – 15 calls per day


How Helpline Operates:

√  Confidential counseling to women as many times as required and building a linkage with various direct counseling services like women organizations, NGO's across Andhra Pradesh

√  If the women/caller needs psychological help they are referred to an expert like a psychologists/ psychiatrists

 √  If the caller is depressed, having suicidal tendencies then we first try to counsel them by allowing them to vent out their feelings and then we refer them to the required psychiatric counseling centers

 √  Often women find it difficult to approach Court and understand the way it operates. On Saturday’s the calls are diverted to the professionally qualified and practicing advocates who help them in filing the case and do regular follow up about it

 √  Networking with EMRI (108) has helped us in rescuing the physically battered women and organizing teleconference with the appropriate district authorities and legal functionaries as per requirement of the case

   If the women needs any referral services they are linked them with Protection Officers/ Legal Services Authorities/ Family Counseling Centers/other NGO's /Advocates/ Short Stay Homes etc

   Maintaining Directory of all support services for women like police, legal and paralegal institutions, women welfare institutions etc. by providing linkage with these institutions through the database which helps women to come out of the distress

   Regularly conduct awareness programs in colleges, communities about the social problems prevailing and also about Helpline



   To reach every woman in distress and in need of care and protection in the society

√  Counseling by phone

√  To provide a platform for networking among organizations and to provide linkages which facilitate the rehabilitation of women in need of care and protection

 To bring awareness about social problems of women in society

  To work with alliances and networks civil society organizations to build pressure on Government to their services

  Provide Legal Assistance to women


Network with Volunteers:

Many volunteers came willingly to support to Bhumika and at present we have more than 100 as volunteers whose help is always taken whenever required and we have trained them in the following areas:

  How to handle a case

  Assist them to files cases

  Where and how to approach when they find a women in distress like either taking them to Protection Officer, Courts, Family Counseling Centers etc., depending on the requirement of the case

  For finding the facts about a case if required

  For immediately approaching the case as per the emergency


Network with Advocates:

Bhumika has a panel of Advocates who help us in dealing with legal cases. We have 50 advocate’s network across Andhra Pradesh.  We also conduct periodical meetings with other advocates with an aim to sensitize them about gender issues.


Case Handling:

Case handling is main activity of helpline. Counselors make efforts to sort out problems reported by the client. Our counselors try to solve the cases through phone, guide them to other referral services. It also comes under risk management where we should patiently listen and give guidance through phone without seeing their personal appearance.



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