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Bhumika women ’s Collective

Bhumika women ’s Collective (1995) is based in Hyderabad. It was started for a cause to help the women in distressed and vulnerable conditions. We have initiated the work in Andhra Pradesh and now spread across the country. Bhumika focuses on all women ’s issues including domestic violence.


Vision: Promoting Violence Free Lives for Women in Andhra Pradesh.


Mission: Our focus is on Gender equality and Rights of women advocating a life of dignity and justice for female world.


Objectives of Bhumika Women ’s Collective:

  • To support women by providing counsel in health, legal and psychological issues
  • To support new methods of research towards understanding the various aspects of women´s issues
  • To recover feminist history, literature and art by supporting projects based on empirical research
  • To create a common forum for networking among academician, activists and students from different fields by organizing discussions, seminars and workshops
  • To study trends in mass media in relation to women´s concerns by organizing film review discussions
  • To build up a documentation center as a resource facility in pursuance of the above objectives
  • To create awareness and educate women on their rights
  • To strive towards putting together a journal, preferably in Telugu, which will reflect the different issues that have been raised by women from various perspectives. This journalwould be made available to individuals and / or groups interested in women´s studies.
  • To also undertake publication of occasional research papers and booklets.


Broad Areas of Operation

I. Bhumika Helpline

Bhumika Helpline was started in 2006 which supports the women in distress through telephonic counseling and linkage building. Today "Bhumika" has become more popular for its toll free tele helpline 1800 425 2908 for women and in the process emerged as advocacy organization at the state level.


The main objectives of Helpline:

  • To reach out to every woman in distress and in need of care and protection by responding to calls - for legal advice and guidance, rescue, missing cases, shelter/short stay home, protection from abuse and exploitation, counseling, emotional support and guidance.
  • To enable them to gain confidence, self esteem and self worth.
  • Empowering women with information regarding legal and medical assistance etc.
  • Offer immediate services in cases of family violence and atrocities in the forms of: Placement in institutions or referring to family service agencies/ hospitals/ police stations /family courts etc
  • Counseling on Phone line and maintaining confidentiality
  • Referral to other services including medical, psychiatric, legal, educational and vocational
  • To advocate for effective implementation of Acts, programmes and schemes meant for women in need.
  • Be a liaison between police and organizations working for women and children and to provide a platform for networking amongst organizations and to provide linkages to support systems which facilitate the rehabilitation of women in need of care and protection.
  • Create awareness on issues of Gender discrimination, women´s rights etc by developing and disseminating brochures, pamphlets, handouts, posters etc.
  • To document the work of the Helpline for wider publicity.

II. Civil Society Resource Facility (CSRF)

Bhumika women´s Collective working on women issues is anchoring the civil society alliance at the Andhra Pradesh state level and also undertaking various research activities on women related issues and legal provisioning and giving feedback to various related departments for supportive measures. The research and advocacy issues are dealt by the unit of Bhumika women´s Collective, primarily known as Bhumika Civil Society Resource Facility (CSRF). 

Objectives of CSRF:

  • Undertaking research and studies on women issues
  • Creating a platform of various women´s organizations, and other civil society members and
  • Educating women on legal rights


III. Support Centres for Women

Bhumika is running 3 "Support Centres for Women" as a support mechanism for survivors of violence.  The support centres are established in the Women Police Stations at the respective places. The Support Centres are aimed at proiding a multi-pronged support required for survivors and complainants of violence, to preent and counter crime against women and engage with the youth, families and communities on the issue of Violence against women.

Objectives of Support Centres:

 Location of Support Centres:  

1) Women Protection Cell, CID office, AC Guards, Hyderabad 

2) Women Police Station, II Town Police Station, Mankammathota, Karimnagar

3) Women Police Station, Gachibowli, Cyberabad, Hyderabad

Bhumika is also functioning a Support Centre at Special Prison for Women at Chanchalguda, Hyderabad for empowerment of Women Prisoners through counselling.


IV. Working on Prevention of Child Marriages:

In July 2015, we have expanded our work to field level, and working for strengthening the systemic structures for Adolescent Girls Empowerment in the mandals of Maddur & Damaragidda of Mahabubnagar district, Telangana. The project aims to empower the adolescent girls for prevention of Early and Child Marriages and facilitate towards empowerment of girls to make informed choices.


Executive Committee:

  1. Ms. P. Prasanthi, President
  2. Ms. G. Amruthalatha, Vice-President
  3. Ms. K. Satyavati, Secretary
  4. Ms. P. Lakshmi, Joint Secretary
  5. Ms. N. Geeta, Treasurer
  6. Ms. Abburi Chaya Devi, Member
  7. Ms. C. Sujatha Murthy, Member
  8. Ms. SujataPatwari, Member
  9. Dr. K.B.Lakshmi, Member



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